+ What is the Lovely Femme?

This is a guided experience that includes:

  • exploring your femme presentation and increasing your sensual confidence through boudoir photography, makeup lessons, dressing time and coaching/mentoring
  • LGBTIQ+, crossdresser and non-binary affirming
  • time to explore your femme self individually and/or with your partner/spouse
  • body-positive, kink-friendly and encouraging of self-love
  • time to celebrate all things femme and have fun!

Importantly, please note this experience DOES NOT INCLUDE:

  • a forced feminization or verbal degradation fetish session. I will not force you to do anything nor seek to humiliate you.
  • a “method” to becoming one perfect style of femme, as there is no perfect style of femme! We are all beautifully unique.
  • a time for anyone to be an intolerable or disrespectful diva. Mutual respect is imperative.
  • a session in which I make you a woman. I cannot make you any gender. I can only help you explore and guide you into further alignment with yourself. Further, I do not equate femme identity with being a cisgender female.

+ Who is welcome?

The Lovely Femme experience is for LGBTIQ+, crossdressers and non-binary femmes, as well as anyone questioning their femme identity. Individuals, couples and polyamorous partners are welcome. Adults of every body type, ability/disability and ethnicity are welcome.

+ What does the term "femme" mean?

Note that "femme" (though a French word meaning "woman") is a term used in queer and trans communities to deonote the intentional display of traditionally feminine attributes. It is not a heteronormative identity, obligation nor concept.

+ Where are you located?

The Lovely Femme is a traveling boudoir experience. Visit the calendar on the Contact page to see where I'll be next! Depending on the city, I utilize private studios, professional dungeons (for the kinky femmes) and occasionally hotels. All will be discussed prior to your appointment.

+ Can you help me remove my makeup before I leave?

Yes. I am always prepared with makeup remover so you can leave our appointment without any traces of makeup (should you desire this). Shower facilities stocked with soap, shampoo and fresh clean towels are available for you during your session.

+ Can we do our sessions long distance (phone sessions or video chat)?

Yes. I offer distance training via telephone and video chat. View the Sessions page for more details.

+ Can you meet me in my city?

Yes, potentially. I am available to travel domestically and internationally. Inquire via the Contact page with your request. Additional rates for travel fees incured will apply.

+ Can we include my spouse/significant other in our session?

Yes, definitely! Exploring your femme self with your partner may bring you closer together. If exploring your femme side is proving challenging to you and/or your partner, know that I’ll be compassionate about this and we can take things slowly.

+ Will you force and humiliate me into being feminine?

No, that is not my style. We will not be compatible if a forced feminization session is your goal.

+ I’m nervous to be seen shopping in public. Can you shop alone and bring the clothes to our session?

Potentially yes, though I will need some information about you up front like your sizes. A prior video chat is also preferred. An additional rate will also be required. Inquire via email.

Keep in mind that shopping together may make your experience more comfortable than shopping alone, so I encourage you to try it if you’re at all interested!

+ Is something wrong with me for wanting to be femme?

No, dear one, there is nothing wrong with you for wanting to be femme. It’s quite common to feel nervousness about becoming more intimate with yourself, so fear not. There is nothing wrong with you for having a femme side, for liking pretty things, for wanting to open up and share them with someone. You are beautiful. I’m going to celebrate your beauty with you and help build up your confidence so you can see your beauty clearly.

You are worthy of knowing happiness, sweetness and joy within your femme self. I promise.

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